• Date:05/20/2019
    • I Implemented a Transparent Proxy Open Source Port called Squid

One of my mission statements is to become a Cyber Defense Specialist or Cyber Crime Fighter. In pursuit of that I started to learn about security controls and policies. One thing I found that was important to me was that government regulators know the importance of security controls and have created laws such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) in which the FCC established rules that schools and libraries are to follow. Some of these rules include blocking adult pornographic and explicit sexual material on their public computers. This law is attempting to limit children’s exposure to bad material. I read about this policy in a book called Security Policies and Implementation Issues, second edition, Jones and Bartlett Learning.

I tried a few different tools that were available from the Ports collection on the FreeBSD UNIX operating system to meet CIPA standards. Among those tools were PF which is a full-featured firewall and packet filtering system, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPD) which is a server port that handles assigning IP addresses, and Squid which can be used as a transparent proxy and caching server. I was able to combine the knowledge from each tool and apply them together to make browsing the internet safer and to access the internet in a defensive posture.

My implementation has a regular MacOSX desktop computer that is connected to a UNIX desktop computer with a special cabled called an ethernet CAT5E crossover cable. With help from people on an online forum located at forums.freebsd.org I was able to set up Squid as a transparent proxy by configuring PF as a tool to pass HTTP and HTTPS packets from the ethernet interface on FreeBSD to a special port inside the UNIX computer where Squid is listening and then out to the internet. Using OpenSSL I was able to create a certificate on the UNIX system so that when my MacOSX sends a request over the internet through HTTPS the MacOSX will allow the UNIX computer to intercept that encrypted traffic. Now I can use Squid as a content filtering proxy for HTTP traffic as well as HTTPS. Basically Squid filters websites based upon a configuration file of whitelisted domain names plus some blacklisted sites.

The OSI model was created help people understand how all this filtering works and all this abstract knowledge is applied. The OSI model is being taught at the Eastern Michigan University that I attend.

Here is my ASCII art version of what is happening within the defensive system I have setup.

work in progress

Here is an example of what the MacOSX computer receives when the browser tries to go to an unapproved site for example squid-cache.org

work in progress

Here is a screenshot of the certificate that I applied to the MacOSX computer so that it would allow the UNIX computer to intercept the HTTPS traffic.

work in progress

This security control directly maps to a content filtering policy and thus maps directly to the CIPA regulation.

Here is a link to the Squid on FreeBSD procedure: ampshock.com/blog/procedure-squid-freebsd.html

  • Date:1/29/19
    • What’s Motivating the Pharisees

Donnell Wyche, Senior Pastor of Ann Arbor Vineyard said, "Politics are about ordering of our relationships...God is political." I attended a recent Life Group at Vineyard Church of Ann Arbor which means a great deal to my direction in life and my Joy in life. In Summary the life group I attend and I think the political events involving the Maccabees were well known to the Jewish people. I want to talk about this topic because the Lord God changed my life and I want to learn more about historical events around the Lord Jesus Christ.

Historical records indicate that Mattathias the son of Johanan killed an apostate Jew and a royal enforcing officer and fled with his sons to the mountains. His sons gained power and occupied Jerusalem while his grandson John Hyrcanus gained power while fighting Antiochus VII.

John Hyrcanus helped Caesar because he may have been following the idea that the enemy of my enemies is my friend. John Hyrcanus’ helped Caesar by fighting Syria so Caesar awarded the Jews the city of Jerusalem and the ability to worship their God unhindered by Roman rule but the Jews had to pay tribute every year except the 7th year.

http://netours.com/ \
content/view/14/29 The Decrees of Julius Caesar Favoring the Jews.
Caesar’s decree gave the Jews a lot of permission as long as they gave Rome money. This was a unique exception in the world. The Pharisees were most likely afraid that if the Lord Jesus Christ is King then Rome would have to attack Jerusalem and that this new friendship with Caesar’s decree would not exist anymore. This could be the motivation behind why Judas the disciple of Christ Jesus and the other Pharisees chose to betray and murder the Lord Jesus Christ. With the logical reasoning that by Christ Jesus’ death Judas would be defending the nation and the faith because you cannot have two Kings (Caesar and the Lord Christ Jesus), then Judas might have thought he was perfectly rational when he chose a conspiracy to commit murder to a guy that is not following the law as "they" saw it then. In the end Judas the disciple of Jesus Christ did not really believe in Jesus’ ability to conquer Rome.

  • Date:1/9/18
    • -Addiction, Beyond the Models-
work in progress

The Good News is that no matter what the world has to offer, I know that Christ Jesus was reported to be alive by hundreds of people after he was crucified and died. The Good News is that the Kingdom he is setting up and will set up when he comes back to earth from the Heaven above will shatter all kingdoms and be an everlasting one with no pain or suffering. His kingdom will be a Kingdom with no tears , no sadness or sorrow where the once dead that believed in Christ will be alive with him and no one will ever die.

Notes from Addiction and Virtue by Kent Dunnington copyright 2011: "If addiction is neither disease nor a choice, what is it?"(pg36)… "Aristotle distinguishes between four types of human action virtuous action, continent action, incontinent action and vicious action."(pg37) … "Incontinent action is performed whenever a person rationally approves of what is good, desires what is bad, and following appetite, does what is bad....a vicious action is performed whenever a person rationally approves of what is bad (I.e., Believes it to be good) desires the bad and accordingly does what is bad. ... addictive experience that would definitely fall outside the range of incontinence: the addicted person could lack (a) the belief that the behavior in question is bad for him and the corresponding desire to avoid the addictive behavior."(pg38) … "on the other hand, Aristotle would have held that the addicted person could lack (b) some capacity to resist the addictive behavior. ... The addicted person who engages in addictive behavior In the absence of(b) would be termed by Aristotle a “morbid” addict...The morbid person is one who cannot rationally guide his actions "as the result of disease (e.g. of epilepsy) or of madness."(pg39)... https://books.google.com/books addiction and virtue

"It is the behavior and experience of the incontinent addict that is truly puzzling, and so when we ask the question “what is addiction?” We are searching for a way of appropriately describing and giving an account of incontinent addictive action… For it is in his attempt to grapple with the mystery of incontinence that Aristotle hits on the category of habit as indispensable to any adequate account of the spectrum of human action."(pg41)

"The determinative test of incontinent behavior is not whether or not the behavior was the outcome of deliberative choice but, rather, whether or not the behavior is subject to correction through some exercise of human agency."(pg42)

"For example, Aristotle points out that the roots of some incontinent behavior can be tracked back to childhood habituation or the force of a custom. We might think especially of the formative power of sexual trauma and victimization. Thus, Aristotle distinguishes between “simple incontinence” incontinence that is the product of decisions knowingly made by a competent moral agent- and other subcategories of incontinence."(pg42)

"In the course of Aristotle‘s treatment of the puzzle of incontinence, two lines of response emerge. The first type of response Aristotle proposes is that, sometimes, the reasoning needed to overcome incontinent action is simply not completed due to the interruption of passion. The Second type of reason he proposes is that, sometimes, although the reasoning may be completed, it is not followed due to the weight of habit."(pg43)

"I say that every human act CAN be represented as the consequence of a practical syllogism to underscore the point that syllogistic reasoning need not proceed every human action. Based on the view of human action as a consequence of practical syllogism Aristotle explains how an agent can in a sense possesses a judgment yet act contrary to the judgment… It seems as though incontinent action will require that the agent possess, in some sense, two practical syllogisms – one that, had it been rightly connected in the agent’s mind, would have led to the right action and another that is connected in the agent’s mind and therefore actually leads to a wrong action."(pg44)

"First, the needed premise maybe merely potentially known because of the lack of time. The agent may be rushed or rush to act before bringing the appropriate premise to mind. Second, the needed premise maybe merely potentially known because strong appetite interrupts or distorts the deliberative process. Third, the needed premise maybe merely potentially known because a constitutional change(such as drunkenness) incapacitates the deliberative process(1147a14-18)."(pg45)

"Impetuous incontinence occurs when ever hurry, strong appetite or an abnormal bodily state wrecks the deliberative process that is needed to arrive at a right judgment, which would lead to a right action."(pg45)

"Every effort to direct the gaze of intellect away from the object of desire or to call the intellect to reflect on the inferiority of the object of desire is met, not by relief from the immediate threat, but rather by a new attacker in a similar guise." (pg.49)

"For what is most perplexing about addictive behavior is that addicted persons regularly engage in addictive behavior in the absence or strong visceral or unremitting psychological craving."(pg.50)

"Yet relapse often occurs even after the cessation of craving? How are we to account for this?"(pg 51)

"The fact that men use the language that flows from knowledge proves nothing, for... those who have begun to learn a science can string together its phrases, but do not yet know it; for it has to become part of themselves, and that takes time.(pg.52)

"Here, Aristotle connects incontinent action with habit, which he defines elsewhere as a kind of second nature. The passage sheds light on how an agent might indeed posses the rational judgment that follows from a practical syllogism and yet act contrary to that judgement."(pg. 52)

  • Date:1/6/18
    • "Human Trafficking / Slavery"
The Price of life NYC: Fighting Human Trafficking video on youtube.

Environmental degradation may be the reason for some slavery. For example some people may have their cultural, family, and economic status change from 100% living off the land to 100% dependency on others.

http://rebbl.co 2.5% of the revenue from REBBL drinks is reported to go back to communities which help produce them. People from the Price of Life event in 2014 conducted baseline studies, worked with survivors in person. How do we multiply this business model? How do we scale other businesses to help those threatened with poverty and slavery? Some businesses don’t believe in philanthropy, so how do we multiply this successful model that REBBL produced? www.notforsalecampaign.org One plan is to build farms! Dignita had an idea that if they could build farms and have the trafficked women come back from Amsterdam and work at the farms then there could be a healthy loop created. They wanted to help create a lifestyle where women could believe in a long-term goal of linking their farm work back to the red light windows in Amsterdam by selling their soup to others that were trapped encouraging them to leave their unhealthy lifestyle.

Here are some highlights from the business meeting:

Creating and improving businesses is the most capable way to make an impact in fighting Human Trafficking. United Students Against Sweatshops or USAS said "right now in Bangladesh there are really horrible factory conditions."

550 people in Berkeley from 1999 have been trafficked.

Two of the girls locked in the apartment asked the police for help when the police came to explore a reported gas leak.

30 million people are in modern-day slavery and it’s a growing problem.

Internationally it is reported that Human trafficking is a $150 billion dollar industry.

They have commoditized the human body.

Non-profits have only about $100 million to fight this crime.

Not for sale: www.notforsalecampaign.org

Compassion alone does not equal justice!


A baseball player Jeremy Affeldt helped create a Tea titled REBBL.

  • Date:01/01/15
    • "Hebrew letters"
Learn Hebrew letters Alef WrittenThis is the written Hebrew letter Alef

This is the Hebrew letter alef Learn Hebrew letters Alef Written

Learn Hebrew letters Alef WrittenThis is the Hebrew Print Hebrew letter Alef

This is the Hebrew letter alef

This is how you spell angel בנֵי־הָאֱלֹהִים

Hebrew is written from right to left: BeneHaElohim

The first letter which is on your right is "bet" ב

  • Date:10/20/14 7:30pm Rackham
    • Human Trafficking
work in progress

R. York Moor is the founder of the Price of Life campaign model – “When we link arms,” he believes “a dream making magic arises and this is what the Price of Life is about.” Mr. Moore recently held a Price of Life event in New York City with over 100 events at an athletic club and people representing 70 Billion dollars. The Human Trafficking industry is a 32 billion dollar industry hanging over our heads. Mr. Moore said“facing insurmountable odds requires us to join together.” Mr. Moore was converted from atheism to Christianity. His great, great grandfather was a slave and now Mr. Moore asks his newfound beliefs and religion to use him. http://priceoflifenyc.org

"Human trafficking / Slavery"

Here are some highlights from monday nights panel.

Prof. Bridgette Carr directs the Human Trafficking Clinic. She mentioned federal agents were legally charging a pimp while the state was charging a 17-year-old girl for helping the pimp recruit. People or the situations are “Not always completely good or bad” said Bridgette refereeing to the gray area of the 17-year-old girl. She wanted to make a point that lawyers were looking for what tools they could use to charge the alleged prostitutes, while Bridgette would want to have the focus be more on the safe harbor of victims to provide an escape. She also motioned a Chef from Pakistan, on an O-Visa, was being forced to cook. Now that they freed him there’s no way to provide him food or a place to go. Prof. Bridgette also said a woman was forced into prostitution by a pimp who the girl thought was her boyfriend. The victim had a legal team helping her, though she had to deal with a housing lease that she signed with her pimp and efforts in obtaining the child she had with him. Though Prof. Bridgett couldn’t prove that women at a particular day spa were human trafficked she said “you could get a pedicure for $12 and the money plus tips would go up to a man at the cash register”. Prof. Bridgette urged her friends to be wiser in where their money is being spent. For example she said "$6.50 another story ... Do you think food is free?” Bridgette talked about people Bringing an under-age girl into the United States with false documents and forcing her to take care of their 3 children while she was imprisoned in the basement. The girl was sexually abused as well. The neighbor finally found out about it and called the police. The father was sentenced to 18 years in jail and the mother to 6 years.

Michigan State Senator Judy Emmons (R) is a mid-Michigan native, fifth generation farmer, mother of three and grandmother of three. She made a legal move to have Adult entertainment business be made to allocate 3-4 dollars as a fee to go towards victims. Senator Emmons made a legal move to have purchasers of underage victims be required to register on the sex offenders list. She wanted all purchasers to be required to register but it seems her office colleagues disagreed.

Kelly Carter, a prosecutor, brings a law enforcement view to the board. She said “The crime of exploitation is what’s happening across the street. Be more aware.” Some different legal approaches were taken. One legal approach was to have the victim prove they were a victim and another is let’s just assume they are a victim. Getting people,more and more people, involved is what she wants.

Tabitha Woodriff’s said “Because the 11 year old girl was handed a $20 bill by the 45 year old man before she was victimized, she was locked up in a juvenile detention facility.” Also Tabitha remarks “60 charges didn’t change anything.” She believes 2 years free rent and time for the victims to get back with their children will change things. She wants safe harbour for all victims and not just the children. Being one of the only board members from out of the state of Michigan, Tabitha’s bright view gives her inspiring words. She motioned that some of the great cathedral builders didn’t see the finishing of their creation but Tabitha follows up with “I’m helping write the blueprints to the better future.”

  • Date:02/8/2014
    • -All Hands Active!-

work in progress

I visited All Hands Active today, which is an awesome basement workspace open to the public. Joshua Williams lead a laser cutting demo class today in which they prepared a nice tutorial of a valentines day engraved heart shaped paper box. I dropped by just in time learn about this awesome machine. They provide a lot of tools, software, and personal support for a ton of art activities at All Hands Active. Originally titled Digital ops, AHA is a gamer establishment designed to bring together tech-savvy computer gamers, artist, and craftsmen of all kinds. Currently run by Josh Williams, AHA is one of many trendy and art friendly co-op style groups around the country. Sewing machines, computers, electronic repair equipment, and video games are some of the things available to use or learn.

  • Date:N/A
    • Digital Media Arts at Washtenaw Community College

Digital Media Arts at Washtenaw Community College from WashtenawCC on Vimeo.

Washtenaw Community College put together a Showcase of the degrees that are available to students. The head of the 3D department Randy Van Wagnen specifically requested that I work on this project. To Showcase my experience and skills I created a complete rendering of a Nissan 350z and applied it to live video. I edited video and audio to help create the final project which is now on showcase online and around campus!

I Modeled, Rigged, Animated, Textured and Composited this Nissan 350z onto live video. I rigged the wheels to rotate accordingly with the movement of the car.

work in progress

Some of the skills and techniques I included in this were HDRI maps, complex textures/shaders, and dynamic smoke particles emitting from the rear near the spinning tires.

work in progress

You can see the full video here: http://vimeo.com/38930874

Stuff being worked on

Plans for the future

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