• Date:02/12/2022
    • Autobiographical Story #1

Wow Jesus has done so many great works in my life. His words have motivated me to love and care for others on a level deeper than humanly possible. I believe these stories will help people and in my times of doubt I cry out Lord I believe, LORD help my unbelief. Story #1: It was loud and the heat from the steam billowing out of the dishwasher made it hard to breath let alone think. Another evening where the shift workers called in and the dishes were piling up and one person seemed helpless to tackle the waste that filled the dirty tray carts. The trays are heavy, the light is so bright its hard to see, and the sadness was so deep because it felt as if the whole hospital was bearing down upon me. I felt like walking out, no I felt like running, sprinting to freedom to the sun and fresh air above where the people walk and play. Then in the darkness and the emotional collapse when the sight of ever feeling joy had vanished in a long silent pause a spark of light filled me. I could feel it grow into a song which was at first a whisper in my spirit. A thought of how soon I believed I would see the revealing of our God and my King. The words burst from my lips like fresh water spilling from a pitcher and like ice clinking in a crystal glass I sang from the very being of my soul. I felt complete and new. I felt loved and free. Somehow it was in my weakness I had been blessed with the very joy that I thought my own strength could swiftly flee to. Somehow the seed of faith grew in the light of the Son of God who is Christ my beloved Jesus. In those words I was kept washed in a cool spring of water and covered in a robe of pure light. There were times where I felt the dark, times where I felt weak, and times of confusion but the garden of my mind has graciously been weeded regularly, hedged about, and nourished by the streams of life giving water that flows from the throne of the most High God.

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